The second day of classes

1.Gymnastics for the fingers and palms. Exercises to perform various movements both hands at once.

2. A transitional movements from one reception massage to another.

3. Vesseles and nerve bundles of the neck.

4. Receptions massage the neck.

5.Receptions massage larynx and trachea.

6. Receptions massage on the lateral triangle and the rear area of the neck.

7. Receptions massage and relaxation of muscles shoulder belts.

8. Receptions massage area low necked (decollete).

9.Techniques of the vibration massage on the output the nerve bundles at face; massage of nerves laryngeal.

10.Innervation of the skin from branches nerves (trigeminal, facial and pneumogastric) of the areas face.

11. Medical massage when facial nerve neuritis and neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve.

12. Features of surface peeling for male clients.

You''ll see the ancient massage (photo Isidor Zabludovsky - Petrissage (stretch) of right cheek )

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